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FOODsniffer is a revolutionary device to test if meat, poultry, and fish are still fresh and safe to consume. To introduce the device, we created a campaign like no other. Within days it went viral across the globe making FOODsniffer the weirdest, yet most useful, kitchen device.


The minimal, aesthetically pleasing website of FOODsniffer leads users from a presentation of the device, to their final purchase. Easily and understandably the user is guided through the process of how FOODsniffer actually works to test the freshness of raw food. The clean design is emphasised by visuals to help depict the most important info about the device. Initially, informative content was prepared leading to detailed wireframes with sketch ideas for a photoshoot. Clean and crisp photos from a photoshoot helped to complete the final aesthetics and colour pallet of the website. Visit the website -