Website update and interactive donation system.

POLSMost stolen ice cream in Lithuania

An ice cream image campaign, which almost got banned.

muuunSmart smoke detection system.

Meet the “muuun” – a smart next-generation smoke and carbon monoxide detection system for your home.

BITESImage campaign

The food you can print.

Kauno AKROPOLISLust for touch

2021 fashion campaign for AKROPOLIS Kaunas.

BIGBoard game

Family board game BIG BAG.

PERGALĖGaidelis classics

Fashion collection for the legendary cookies „Gaidelis“

ŠVYTURYS - UTENOS BEERFor Earth's leisure

Utena non-alcoholic beer. To the ones who care about Earth’s leisure.


No matter how you slice it, we proved that all families are families.