CONRESTA GROUPVisual identity

Thought-out and balanced image of a responsible business.

BISCUITS 2 BUSINESSVisual identity

Design system combining business clarity with the warmth of baked goods.

SAND OFFICESVisual identity

A design system that's monumental and down-to-earth – like the business centre itself.

DENTAPLANASVisual identity

Systematic and neat, with a soothing but fresh design, in a new approach to the image of dentistry.

J&C AEROUpdate to the visual identity

Impetuous and dynamic design system, like aviation itself.


Visual identity uplift for the WakeDuel event.

ECOSERVICEVisual identity uplift

A modern and friendly design uplift for a cleaner world.

WORK IN LITHUANIAVisual identity

A new page turned in the "Work in Lithuania" visual identity system.


We came up with it, you chose it, and now we're all happy.