Akropolis Kaunas AW 2022 campaign. We took the saying “the more, the merrier” quite literally.

Kauno AKROPOLISBody culture

Back-to-school campaign without any kids and backpacks.

Kauno AKROPOLISBe cool

Summer campaign, which helped Kaunas “Akropolis” customers to cool down.


One cannot stand in fashion’s way. The new season calls for colours, so we brought them back in their full bloom to Akropolis Kaunas.

Kauno AKROPOLISOver the top Christmas

Holiday campaign for Kaunas “Akropolis”, celebrating selfishness.


„Kaunas Akropolis“ autumn/winter collection 2021

Kauno AKROPOLISLust for touch

2021 fashion campaign for AKROPOLIS Kaunas.

Kauno AKROPOLISVisual identity

New visual identity system for Akropolis Kaunas.

Kauno AKROPOLISFashion and food coma

In AKROPOLIS Kaunas fashion and food go together. Be ready, it’s almost impossible to stop.