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Lithuanians have the unique opportunity to allocate 1.2% of the income tax they pay each year to an NGO of their choice. But 70% of people in the country never make that choice, leaving NGOs short of funding.

Our goal was to encourage Lithuanians to change this behavior and pick an NGO as their beneficiary – namely CARITAS LIETUVA, which provides assistance for children, families, refugees, lonely elderly persons, and others in need. Our insight was simple: allocating a portion of the income tax you’ve paid doesn't cost you anything, just like recycling garbage. But by recycling, and by picking an NGO, we help make the world a better place.

So we asked people to sort their money, just like they sort their waste at home. To launch the campaign, we put out golden “recycling” containers labeled "Money" in 10 cities across Lithuania. After several days of speculation by people on what it was all about, we added an explanation to the containers: "Over 70% of Lithuanians don’t allocate a part of their income tax to NGOs. Your donation could help those in need. Designate 1.2% of your income tax for CARITAS." The campaign also included posters, instructional videos, gold-colored money bags, and a catchy song about recycling money on the radio. While we don't have statistics yet, the campaign got a positive response. Opinion leaders shared photos of the containers, news outlets speculated about the initiative, and social media was flooded with people’s reactions.