IAEWorkplace for the Future

Employer Image Campaign


Image campaign

BISCUITS 2 BUSINESSVisual identity

Design system combining business clarity with the warmth of baked goods.


Website update and interactive donation system.

MAXIMAEaster campaign

Why do we eat Easter Bread? And why are eggs brought by a bunny? Easter is a very interesting holiday.

MAXIMAWe are Community

For life after school.

LNDTCampaign for theatre’s 84th season

One word can do a lot. Three words – NEIK Į TEATRĄ (Engl. DON’T GO TO THE THEATRE) – can drag all of Lithuania into a week-long discussion about theatre.

SAND OFFICESVisual identity

A design system that's monumental and down-to-earth – like the business centre itself.

MAXIMAO-ho-ho Christmas

Maxima’s 2023 Christmas campaign