Kauno AKROPOLISBody culture

Back-to-school campaign without any kids and backpacks.


Second Aid Kit for those who do not know how to administer first aid.

POLSMost stolen ice cream in Lithuania

An ice cream image campaign, which almost got banned.

MAXIMADiscounts for this and that, and this

Discount campaign TV spot

Kauno AKROPOLISBe cool

Summer campaign, which helped Kaunas “Akropolis” customers to cool down.

BLUE/YELLOWCall for support

Guns are not the only weapon on the battlefield: this pro bono work invited to fight invaders of Ukraine with euros.

SB DRAUDIMASInsurance for all families

Mom, dad, and a child? We showed that this is not necessarily how a family should look.

muuunSmart smoke detection system.

Meet the “muuun” – a smart next-generation smoke and carbon monoxide detection system for your home.

OLVELThank yourself

Inspired by well-being, we have created a campaign for which we can only thank ourselves.